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Ritz – New Ritz Crisp and Thins

10 sec ad made for Mother London made through Bosh. The assets for this ad were originally shot to be used on digital out of home panels. However, I was asked to re-purpose them into a 10 second ad. The resulting product was this quirky and rather satisfying piece about flying crisps.


Bee are F**king Awesome! So my friends the Sweetchunks Band and I wrote and animated this short docu-music video to spread the word.

Big Pharma – Marketing and Malpractice

Today is the launch of our new Big Pharma expansion pack – Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice. The expansion packet combines a number of new features which are all ultimately about effecting the sales of your drugs once they have left your factory. To help promote it’s launch we put together this mock, internal sales […]

Bloody Foxes

It’s finished! You wake with a start in the middle of the night. What is that awful blood-curdling sound? A child crying for help? A dying cat? Or is it just those Bloody Foxes again! Full of milk and ready for ultra-violence, this is my short film all about the nocturnal activities of a gang […]

Bloody Foxes – 2nd Pass Animatic

So once you have your Animatic the next step is to record your dialogue. Generally you will always record the characters’ dialogue first before starting any character animation. The way people talk and the speed they deliver their words is very closely linked to the emotions contained in them. The last thing you want to […]

Big Pharma

It’s finally finished! Our business sim computer game all about the pharmaceutical industry, Big Pharma, was released on Steam today. My job on the project was producing all of the in-game graphics. Although I had help on producing the GUI, branding and CEO illustrations. I also produced this game play trailer which should tell you […]

KFC Colonel’s Club

Through BBH’s Black Sheep Studio’s, I produced this short, tutorial infographic to introduce people to the KFC’s new Colonel Club. A loyalty club scheme so that if you bought enough chicken at KFC you got, well… some more chicken.

Halfords – Winter Checks

Through Bosh at Mother we produced this set of cinemagraph style GIFs for Halfords. Designed to be played out over their social media platforms, they were gentle reminders to make sure your car was in tiptop working condition. I was involved in all of the post production. This meant also being on location while filming […]

Bloody Foxes – Animatic

Now that your Concept Art has got everyone back on your side and people are happy with where the project is going its time to get cracking with the animating, right? Wrong. There is an all important step to take before you can start bring your characters to life, the Animatic. In essence an Animatic […]


Brazil Bam Bam Bam: The Story of Sonzeira is a documentary about Gilles Peterson’s journey as he trys to create and record the ultimate Brazilian album. It follows him as he journeys deep into Brazilian culture enlisting the cream of the crop of Brazilian musicians to help perform, produce and create this album. Produced by […]

Bloody Foxes – Concept Art

You’ve made your directorial decisions with your Storyboards and you’ve got you’re timing down with the Boardmatic. The problem is that everything is still looking a bit rubbish. Scribbley storyboards drawn on the back of napkins just aren’t going to cut it anymore. You keep telling everyone to trust you. You can see clear as […]

Bloody Foxes – Boardmatic

So you have all of your storyboards drawn out. The next thing to work out are you timings. To do this you need to make a Boardmatic. Effectively a Boardmatic is a very simple version of your animated film. It is produced by layout all of the storyboards in time with a rough sound track. […]

Big Pharma in the paper

We had some exciting news over the weekend. They ran an article in the Observer all about games being use for social commentary and used Big Pharma as a case study. It’s not only great to be reaching a wider audience, but it’s also very comforting to hear that people are engaging with the topic. […]

Bloody Foxes – Storyboards

So you have your script down on paper and everyone is loving it! The next stage is to start putting pictures to it. By far the quickest and easiest way of doing this is storyboarding. This involves drawing still frames for each of the shots in the film. It’s at this stage that you can […]

Bloody Foxes – Script

So I’ve decided to make a start on a new short film. It’s called Bloody Foxes and it’s all about urban foxes and what they get up to after dark. As this is my own project I’ve decide to keep an online diary of the step by step process of putting it together. With client […]

Final Machine Layers

So, hopefully my last post didn’t leave you on too much of a cliff hanger, when we came to implement the final machine graphics we very quickly started running out of texture memory. We were hoping to get each of the machines into it’s own sprite atlas, but because the images were so high res […]

Final Machine Artwork

Here are the final designs for the machines used for the Eurogamer Prototype. These are the first 12 machines that will be in the game. We plan to add more for the final release. Although we were very pleased with how the final designs came out, it turned out that when we came to implement […]

Mock-up Comparrison

These are a series of mock-ups which I developed over the design process of the initial game prototype. The idea was to ‘update’ the same mock-up with the new machine designs so that we could get an idea of progression and how the look had developed from the last iteration to the next. This first […]

First Draft Machine Designs

These are some of the First Draft Machine Designs. To help keep the project moving, I produced these original ‘rough’ designs for Tim to implement into the game. They were produced fairly quickly and mapped out the rough design, shape and size of the different machines. We decided to work this way so that we […]

Big Pharma concept art

The main project I’m currently working on is a computer game called Big Pharma. The concept of the game is that you run a pharmaceuticals manufacturing company. You have to design a factory to research and produce drugs. Managing not only your production lines, but all the moral implications that come attached. The game was […]

Hello and welcome

As part of my re-designed website I’ve decided to include a blog. A working diary to keep a record of what I’ve been up to. Here I will post sketches, design concepts, mock-ups and final pieces. A record of some of my work-in-progress, giving a little bit of an insight into the work that goes […]

Art Against Knives – Red Cross

Through Bosh and commissioned by the Red Cross, we created a number of short informational videos for the charity Art Against Knives. The videos act to inform the viewer what they should do if they, or some near them, are stabbed. As a charity Art Against Knives works with young individuals with a past in […]


This short video was a piece of concept art for a game Mother made for the 2014 Brazilian world cup. Although the final game came out looking a lot different, I thought his was just too good not too share.


In collaboration with illustrator Tom Messenger I was given the opportunity to Direct and Animate, through Bosh, a series of TV adverts for Halfords. Working with the creative team at Mother, we would storyboard out the each of the rough sections for the Adverts. These would depend on the different deals that Halfords were offering […] Events Digital Escalator Panels

To advertise the new Events we produced these short animations. Complemented by a set of posters being shown at the same time. They were designed to be shown on Digital Escalator Panels at London Underground tube stations. To keep it in line with the press advertising we used illustrations taken from the existing posters. […]

Melvita Bee Brand Film

This informational animation for Melvita was produced as an internal brand film. It was designed to convey the Melvita brand to new clients and staff members. To keep it in line with the press advertising we used illustrations taken from existing Melvita posters. Which we digitally cut up and re-purposed to create the animation.

Boots Advantage Card

This short animation was commissioned as an internal piece to help explain how the Boots Advantage Card could be used in exciting ways to reward it most adventurous users.

Project Pressure

We created this short animation to help bring awareness to the charity Project Pressure. An organisation dedicated to photographing the world’s vanishing glaciers to document first hand the environmental impact of climate change. We wanted to use actual the images that Project Pressure had been capturing as part of its campaign. However we wanted to […]