Bloody Foxes – Script

So I’ve decided to make a start on a new short film. It’s called Bloody Foxes and it’s all about urban foxes and what they get up to after dark.

As this is my own project I’ve decide to keep an online diary of the step by step process of putting it together. With client based projects I don’t often get to share the ‘work in progress’ stages and so thought it would be a great tool to show people the work that goes into the final piece.

The basic steps can be broken down into the following stage:
– Script
– Storyboard
– Boardmatic
– Concept Art and character design
– First Pass Animatic
– Second Pass Animatic
– Final Piece

There are a number of smaller stages within each of these main steps. But what I’ve outlined here would be the basic miles stones and where I would ‘present’ to the client how the project is progressing. I’ll go into each of the stages in more detail as I reach them.

What I want to talk about today is the Script.


The script is the first stage at making your idea a reality. It can range from I well presented, properly laid out script such as used in TV and Film production or in my case a series of scribbled bullet points. The main point of the script is to get the ideas out of your head and down onto paper. And most importantly, in a way that other people can follow your story. This is the point at which it is easiest to make changes (and there will be changes!). The further you go into the project the longer and trickier it will become to make alterations so it’s important that everyone involved is happy with the script.

Here is the beginning to the final script:

– We start on a suburban street.
– A man walks up the path of his house, opens the front door and lets it shut behind him.
– The noise of the door closing wakes our hero fox who is asleep in a bin in the front garden.
– It’s sunset. The fox leaves his bed and scurries down the street.
– He goes round the back of a house.
– He crosses a back garden to a shed in the far corner.
– A hatch appears in the side of the shed and he disappears inside.
– We now see he is being watched by the man from his upstairs window.
– The man shrugs and shuts the blind
– Inside the shed we find out that it’s a foxes bar. A band plays and foxes gather having a drink.
– Our hero approaches the bar where his lad mates greet him.
– They down a pint of milk to get ready for the ultra violence…

Once you have your script down the next stage is to start storyboarding it.