Hello, I’m Rob Wicksteed and I make cartoons.

However, I also make adverts, motion graphics, visual effects, computer games, club visuals and all manner of interesting things. Basically, if it can go on a telly screen and can’t be filmed with a camera then I make it.

Have a look at my portfolio for things that I have made in the past or see what I’m up to right now by looking at the blog. Then get in contact so we can talk about what we can make in the future!


Brief History

I studies animation at Southampton Solent University graduating with a first in 2007.

First, I worked in Southampton as a Animator for 2 years at animation studio Pew36 before moving back up to London.

I did a brief stint of freelancing, where I got to make some great music videos, before joining advertising agency Mother London. I worked as their Motion Graphics Designer for 3 years.

I left Mother earlier this year and I am currently working on a new project producing the graphics for a new computer game. It’s called Big Pharma and it’s all about running a pharmaceuticals manufacturing company.

Here’s a gif of a fox: