Brazil Bam Bam Bam: The Story of Sonzeira is a documentary about Gilles Peterson’s journey as he trys to create and record the ultimate Brazilian album. It follows him as he journeys deep into Brazilian culture enlisting the cream of the crop of Brazilian musicians to help perform, produce and create this album.

Produced by Bosh through Mother London, my roll on the project was creating the tiled, grid graphics that act as book end to the different sections of the film. The inspiration for these where Gilles own (enormous) record collection. Each of the tiles in the grids representing a ‘could be’ album cover, which when placed together make up a whole picture of Brazilian life.

This grid system was then replicated in the online trailer. I created the entire piece as a single, ever evolving grid showing off all the amazing sights and sounds that Brazil had to offer.

The most exciting part of this is project was when Gilles asked us to turn these grids into visuals that could be used for the album launch night. We took all of the grids from the final film and combined them with new pieces created from the unused rushes. This gave up and huge bank of different clips that we could trigger at any moment in time with the music. As well as a number of bespoke clips that we could play with particular tracks from the album.