Bloody Foxes

It’s finished!

You wake with a start in the middle of the night. What is that awful blood-curdling sound? A child crying for help? A dying cat? Or is it just those Bloody Foxes again! Full of milk and ready for ultra-violence, this is my short film all about the nocturnal activities of a gang of urban foxes.

I was inspired after being regularly woken in the middle of the night by the most horrendous noises. I would lie there listening to the foxes outside my window, wondering what on Earth they were up to, and why it required so much noise. This short film is ultimately my best guess.

Since the story was inspired by my own experiences I decided to also base the locations on what I knew. All the 3D sets are modelled on my own London house and street. This film was also a way for me to experiment with blending both 3D and 2D in a united style.

Having worked in advertising for a long time, this project was borne out the of the desire to create something that didn’t serve any high purpose. Just a fun, stupid short film that was made to be nothing more than fun, stupid and very much is my own style.

As well as the film, I’ve been keeping a running diary of all the different stages of production, offering an insight into the work that goes into making a short animated film. All the different posts can be found here:
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